In Tracy’s practice today, she incorporates her knowledge of western medicine with alternative healing modalities. Each treatment session is filled with high level of compassionate listening and healing. Health history, medical records, nutrition, exercise, and life risk factors are reviewed extensively and an individualized treatment plan addressing the whole body is created.

The objective is to find the root cause of the disease, pain, or illness, so long-term relief can be achieved. Her practice is based on a holistic approach to healing, where the mental, spiritual, and physical components are treated, and not solely the ailments and symptoms. As a knowledgeable and compassionate healer, Tracy gives her utmost dedication to patient healing and education, to empower individuals to strive for optimal health. Health is more than the absence of disease. Health is conscious living focused on wellness of the mind, spirit, and body.

Tracy has worked at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, where she participated in a research grant study and provided acupuncture to patients in the acute rehabilitation and cardiac department. She has also volunteered at Venice Family Clinic and L.A. Free Clinic, administering acupuncture to low-income and at-risk patients.